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Top tips for a bountiful harvest of sweet juicy raspberries in summer and autumn.

Victorian greenhouses

A family business that makes beautiful Victorian & Edwardian inspired greenhouses. (Sponsored)

garden furniture covers

Made to measure & ready made weather proof covers for your garden furniture, BBQs, ride on mowers etc. (Sponsored)

mail order garden plants

The UK's leading mail and online supplier of garden plants. (Sponsored)

large lean to greenhouse

Recycled plastic 330 litre composter, available in green or black, includes UK delivery. £40 Gardenis.co.uk (Sponsored)

gardening quiz book

Head of Science & Public Engagement at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Arboretum. He is an expert on Carnivorous plants, Mediterranean plants and is a fantastic botanical artist as well!

lynx trust

An interview with the Lynx Trust about the possibility of this beautiful wild cat being reintroduced into the British countryside.

chelsea psychic garden

This beautiful garden is tucked away in Central London. It is an old Apothecary (medicinal) garden that was founded in 1673. Open to visitors.

Author of The Orchid Hunter: a young botanist's search for happiness. The story of his adventure to find over 50 native orchids of the British Isles in one summer. Leif is now studying for a Phd at Kew Gardens.

LIVE WEBCAM - RSPB birdfeeders.

Chequered Skipper butterfly - reintroduced to Britain by Butterfly Conservation after a 40 year extinction.

A leafy quiz all about trees.

garden pond kits

Creating a garden pond is easy with a garden pond kit. Includes, underlay, pond liner, pump, filter and pipes. Various sizes available to suit gardens both big and small.

victorian plant hunter

The fascinating story of botanist Cyrus Pringle.

new clematis varieties

Thorncroft Clematis have launched two vibrant varieties of Clematis for 2017. One with purple flowers, and the other with green flowers!

ardkinglas garden

A serene garden located on the shore of Loch Fyne in Argyl, Scotland. Home to some of the largest conifers in Europe.

exotic garden plants

Five plants that are perfect for tropical gardens in Britain, with a far from tropical climate!

herb garden

Find out more about herbs and the work of the Herb Society.

Some fascinating facts about this popular Mediterranean herb that is one of Britain's most popular garden plants.

If you have a small garden, here is 5 fantastic trees that will remain manageable in size.

Help our seas by never flushing any of the following down the toilet.

Expert rose advice & tips from David Austin Roses,one of Europe's greatest rose breeders.

How to plant a container so it will be rich food source for butterflies and bumble bees.