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20th May 2022 UPDATE - The site is slowly coming back to life, with new sections, and pages re-created. Unfortunately, quite a lot of the old content was lost when the useless web company sold their business and did not give enough time for people with websites to store their content. However, plenty of the most popular page content was saved, and this is now being added to this new version. The old site had a few million page views over the years. Once the old content has been added, some new fresh content will be added on a regular basis, although this is a site done just in spare time. You can support the site by shopping for garden products on sites such as Amazon, using the categories listed at the bottom of the pages. Gardenandgreen.co.uk is a totally free to use site, with no paywalls, or subscriptions required. Also, if you like some content, please do consider sharing it on your facebook, twitter pages, with your friends and family. Thanks!

Climbing roses

Ideas for a more environmentally and wildlife friendly garden.

Low maintenance alternatives to installing a plastic lawn.

Some tips for creating a wildlife friendly garden pond.

Some of the many societies and membership charities that cover a wide range of interests

Quiz with a tree theme.