Winter Pansies

When the garden is dull and dormant in the depths of winter, they stand like a beacon of hope, that one day, in the not too distant future, the garden will once again be full of life and colour. Its strange really that Pansy in slang means sissy or unmanly, as these colourful flowers are as tough as old boots, and can survive snow, ice and winter gales. Thompson and Morgan sell a range of winter Pansies, as plug plants, which can be grown on to full size plants. They are ideal for window boxes, patio planters, hanging baskets and garden borders.

Pansy 'Matrix™ Mixed' - Viola x wittrockiana

A vibrant mix of colours, Pansy 'Matrix™ Mixed' have been bred to have large flowers, with a low branching habit. They flower from January until May. 36 plug plants £6.99, 72 plug plants £9.99. Order at Thompson & Morgan HERE

Pansy 'Mystique Blue Halo' - Viola x wittrockiana

A beautiful variety of Pansy, Pansy 'Mystique Blue Halo' has lavender blue petals, with white centres and violet whiskers. Creates an eye catching one colour, display when planted. Flowers from February. 36 plug plants £12.99, 72 plug plants £17.99. Available to order at Thompson and Morgan HERE

Tip - Plant before heavy frosts, so the roots can establish themselves. Once planted remove any dead flowers and yellow leaves, to keep the plants healthy and encourage more flowers to grow.

Pansy 'Frizzle Sizzle' Mixed - Viola x wittrockiana

These Pansies have distinctive frilly petals, and come in a range of colours, from yellow to purple. They can flower from November, all through the winter and into spring. 36 plug plants £13.99, 72 plug plants £17.99. Order from Thompson & Morgan HERE

PANSY FACT - The name pansy comes from the French word, pensee, which means thought or remembrance.

Pansy 'RHS Winning Formula' - Viola x wittrockiana

'RHS Winning Formula' is a mix of 11 types of Pansy, recognised by the RHS for their garden performance. 72 plug plants £16.99. Order from Thompson & Morgan HERE

Pansy 'Frou Frou Mixed' - Viola x wittrockiana

Flowering from January, these Pansies have fantastic wavy petals, that are multi-toned in colour. Great in window boxes and planters. 36 plug plants £9.99, 72 plug plants £14.99. Order from Thompson & Morgan HERE