REVIEW - IGadgitz Wind Up Torch

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Fantastic use of Renewable Energy

Wind up torches have been available for quite a few years now, but still many people have never used one, or know how effective they are. The Igadgitz version has been tested for over a year now and it still works brilliantly. The torch is really robust, and also waterproof. It is powered simply by turning the handle for a minute or two. That is enough to get it fully bright. And once done it last for plenty of time. Its not a case of constantly having to wind it up. You can go for a walk for 30 minutes no problem, with it on. If it does begin to get weaker, its just a case of winding it, to get it full power again. It has a low power option with 1 LED on, then full power with 3 LEDs, the last option is a flashing option so it it flashes on and off continuously.

As well as being powered by the crank handle, it also has an integrated solar panel on the side, so it can charge during the day, if it is in a sunny place. The torch is perfect for reading in the dark, as an emergency torch in the house or car glove compartment, or for camping. It does not have a super powerful beam, but more than enough to provide some decent light in the immediate area where the torch is.

It is certainly not a gimmicky gadget, it is a good torch, and the best thing about it is, if it does get dim, a turn of the handle will get it back to full beam, whereas if you have a torch with batteries, you are either stuck with an ever decreasing light, if you have no spares, or if you do, you then have to fumble about for them in a rucksack or cupboard, with only the ever dimmer light to see where they are.

As it uses renewable energy, and requires no replacement batteries, it's really environmentally friendly, and there is no further cost to buy batteries whenever they run flat. Current price on Amazon is £11.99 with free delivery if it is part of an order over £20. It makes a great birthday present or Christmas gift and is worth getting one for your own use. This torch exceeded my expectations and I use it regularly.

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Quality - 5 out of 5

Environmental friendly - 5 out of 5