REVIEW - IGadgitz Wind Up Radio

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Wind up, solar and USB charging

(Video demonstration, bottom left) You might have heard of 'wind up' radios and have wondered how effective they are? The answer is this IGadgitz wind up radio works fantastically. You just pull out the handle at the back, and start turning it at a steady speed. As you do so a blue light will glow, to show that it is charging. Just 1 minute of turning the handle can charge the radio for 30 minutes, and it can have a maximum 7 hour charge.

As well as the wind up charge, it can charge during the day if the integrated solar panel is in a sunny position. It can also be charged by a USB cable, but I can't see why you would need to do this, when turning the charging handle is so quick and easy.

The radio is surprisingly compact, not too small to be gimmicky though. It is about 5 inches long and can fit in a coat pocket. It has a headphone socket, so its great for taking to a football match or cricket game. It's also perfect for keeping in the greenhouse, or allotment shed, as well as to listen in bed or in the bathroom as you take a shower. The wind up radio also is great for putting in a suitcase to take on holiday, or in a backpack if you are going travelling.

It is FM and AM and it can tune easily to all the main nationals and regional radio stations, but perhaps, isn't super strong to pick up more distant stations. (There is an extendable aerial). The volume on it is good, and the sound is fine. Its perfectly OK, but not super smooth like more expensive radios.

As it uses renewable energy, and requires no replacement batteries, it's really environmentally friendly, and there is no further cost to buy batteries whenever they run flat. Current price on Amazon is £13.99 with free delivery if it is part of an order over £20. It makes a great birthday present or Christmas gift and is worth getting one for your own use. This wind up radio is used daily, and was a great buy.

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Quality - 5 out of 5

Environmental friendly - 5 out of 5