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For over 60 years we have been manufacturing fruit cages and garden netting at our Dorset factory. As more of us turn towards growing our own fruit and vegetables, our fruit cages, vegetable cages, garden netting and expanded range of garden equipment continue to offer reliability and great value for money.

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We wish all our customers, new and old, a fruitful year in the garden

Protect you Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit cages are perfect for protecting your home grown produce from pests, such as pigeons. It creates a physical barrier, that prevents them from eating your raspberries, strawberries etc. Erecting the net cages is quite straightforward. Watch the video to see how simple it is.

Fruit Net Cages In Sizes to Fit All Sizes of Garden

Our fruit cages are available in many different sizes, making them suitable for all types of gardens and allotments. The smallest size fruit net cage is 2m (6ft 6 in) x 2.25m (7ft 4in) and the largest size measures, 9m (29ft 6in) x 8m (26ft 2in). You can also choose to have the door on the width section, or the length section. Bespoke cages can also be made to order.

Fruit Cage Door Included

Our net cages include a 1m wide door, which is wide enough for wheelbarrows to fit through. Larger models have an option for more than one door.

High Quality Fruit Cages

William James & Co. fruit cages are made to last. The netting is robust and durable, and the frame is made from steel, that is powder coated, to offer protection from the cold and rain, and helps prevent rusting.

High Cages With Loads of Growing Space

Our net cages have plenty of height, so you can grow all types of plants, including runner beans and peas on tall garden canes and obelisks, inside them. The steel uprights are 2.36m in height, with 2m above ground, once they are staked into the ground.

Order a Fruit Cage or Garden Netting

Visit our website www.wmjames.co.uk for more information, prices and online ordering. You can also send a quick message via the gardenandgreen.co.uk contact form below, if you have any questions. This will send your message straight to our inbox and we will reply as soon as possible.