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William James & Co was established in 1954 and is a leading supplier of garden netting and fabrics, garden fruit cages and crop and plant protection.


Our walk in fruit cages are renowned for their quality and ability to protect fruit and vegetables from a a range of garden pests and birds.



Classic Steel Walk in Fruit Cage



The fruit cages are easy to assemble, all that is required is step ladders, scissors and a screwdriver. The steel powder coated poles are 2 metres high above ground, ad have 36cm spikes that can be pushed into the ground. A one metre wide door allows easy wheelbarrow access.













































The 18mm black side mesh attaches to the poles using the supplied resealable cable ties, and the 20mm top net fixes to the side nets using s hooks. Ground pegs are supplied to secure the side nettings for a clean and tidy finish.















































You can choose the length and width required for your fruit cage, both from 2.5 metres up to 9 metres. Prices vary depending on size.


An alternative to the steel frame fruit cages is the

Premium Aluminium Fruit Cage, like the steel cages above, they are 2 metres in height and have the same width and length options. Great for ensuring your fruit and veg is not damaged by butterflies and pigeons.


For crops such as leeks we sell low vegetable cages, which are cheaper, as they do not require to be at a height where you walk into them, but still offer the same protection.


We manufacture a range of different netting and fabrics, for various uses such as deer protection, wind breaks, plant support and netting aimed at deterring specific pests.





































Bespoke Fruit Cages


We offer a bespoke design and build service for unique garden projects, where we can make a fruit cage to match your exact specifications, like the one in the image. More details here


Garden Netting & Fabrics


Bridport, in Dorset, is where William James & Co have made nets for 60 years. It became known as the net making capital of the world as a result of it's pioneering net industry. The town has been a centre for net making since the 13th century.


William James and Co make and sell a range of garden netting and fabrics that offer effective plant protection from pests and poor weather.


















































Our garden netting is designed to deter specific fruit and veg pests such as deers, butterflies / insects and birds, all of which can spoil your crop,


Using netting to create a physical barrier means that chemicals do not need to be sprayed to deter insects, making it an environmentally friendly method of pest control, ideal for organic gardening. We also sell plant support netting for vegetables like runner beans, garden fleeces to protect plants from frost, wind break material to offer shade and protection from harsh winds and ground cover material to supress weeds. Like netting, this is an environmentally friendly solution, instead of spraying weed killers.


Fruit cages, netting and a range of other garden products such as Polytunnels, garden tools etc can be ordered via our website;




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