Five Great Plants for a White Garden

14th April 2017

A white garden is a garden with plants that exclusively have white flowers, or white flowers with mild hues of other colours on them. White is a colour associated with peace and purity, and it contrasts brilliantly with lush green foliage. If you have a white garden, or are planning one, here is five great plants for a white garden.

white trumpet tree lily

Trumpet Tree Lily

This Trumpet Tree Lily has bold white trumpets, with lime green throats. It is a summer bulb, and is ideal for pots, planters and garden borders. It has a freesia type fragrance. Height: 120cm (47"). Spread: 30cm (12") Available from Thompson & Morgan, 10 bulbs £12.99 HERE

white lavender

Lavender x intermedia 'Edelweiss'

Most people are unaware there is a white variety of Lavender, which makes it ideal for white gardens. It has the same popular attributes of the more common purple lavender varieties. It is drought tolerant and has a lovely scent.This lavender is perfect for borders, and patio planters. 1 plant in a 2 litre pot, £12.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

white clematis

Clematis 'Apollonia'

If you are looking for a white flowering climbing plant, Clematis 'Apollonia' is a beautiful choice. This clematis has ice white sepals, and creamy anthers and flowers between June and August. Perfect for growing up a sunny wall or fence, or up an obelisk, in a planter. Plant in a 3 litre pot £14.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

white flowering shrub

Hydrangea paniculata 'Diamantino'

Hydrangeas are loved for their long lasting flowerheads, that can last for months, well into autumn. They are very easy to care for, and are ideal for garden borders, or planted in rows to make a low flowering hedge. Hydrangea paniculata 'Diamantino' has large white panicles, with lime green foliage. The flowers begin with a greenish tinge, then are white through the summer, and then turn pink in the autumn.

Height & Spread: 120cm (47").

1 plant in 10 litre pot £29.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

white rose

Rose Pope John Paul II

Roses are a fine addition to many types of garden, and there is some beautiful white varieties that are perfect for white gardens. Rose Pope John Paul II is named after the popular pope, John Paul II, that was leader of the Catholic Church from 1978, until his death in 2005. It is a hybrid tea rose, ideal for borders, raised beds etc and has a gorgeous scent. 1 bare root plant from Thompson & Morgan £14.99 HERE