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White Cottage Greenhouses are manufacturers and installers of bespoke, traditional greenhouses, inspired by the classic designs of the Victorian and Edwardian era. As a family business, with decades of traditional craftmanship experience, the greenhouses are made to the highest standard, using quality materials, such as Western Red Cedar wood and aluminium. The Victorian style greenhouses, and Edwardian style greenhouses are a fantastic addition to the gardens of period properties and the White Cottage team can help bring your garden dreams to reality, with bespoke greenhouses, that once installed will last a lifetime.

Here are a few examples, and if you would like a brochure you can request one using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or visit our website for more information.

Victorian 3/4 with Porch

Our 3/4 span greenhouses, are made to measure, and are available in Edwardian and Victorian styles. The main feature of the 3/4 greenhouse is that it utulises a garden wall that is not tall enough to install a lean to greenhouse alongside it.

Victorian Mono Pitch into Corner

We can turn an unused area of your garden, near a high wall, into a fantastic and useful garden feature. Our lean-to greenhouses are bespoke, to fit your needs. This Victorian greenhouse is mono pitch, which is when a greenhouse has a single slope of glass from eaves to ridge.

Edwardian Lean-to Greenhouse

Lean-to bespoke greenhouses are also available in an Edwardian style. They are simpler in appearance with larger glass panels and more slender timber sections, than Victorian style greenhouses, that are more elaborate.

Croft Model 2 Greenhouse

The Croft is a free-standing greenhouse with the door on the long side of the structure. The dormer entrance means the roof has not had to be heightened, so it is aethestically pleasing. This model is available in two sizes, with the photo showing the largest version.

Deco Greenhouse

The smallest of our range, the Deco is ideal for small and medium sized gardens. This compact Edwardian greenhouse, with Western Red Cedar side frame and door, and powder coated aluminum frame roof, has a standard width of 1856mm (6’-1”) , with three length options available.

Arley Greenhouse

Finished in a range of colours, and available in three lengths, the Arley Greenhouse is perfect for growing a variety of fruit and vegetables under glass. The 2658mm (8'-9") ridge height means a substantial volume of air within the greenhouse, which combined with automatic roof ventilation gives the ideal atmosphere and conditions for optimal growth..