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Quality Greenhouse Equipment


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If you love growing your own fruit and vegetables then Two Wests and Elliott have some great products to maximise your garden or allotments potential.


We are an established retailer of greenhouses, greenhouse equipment and garden products with thousands of customers from across the UK.




Our greenhouses on offer come in various designs and include some of the best known greenhouse brands including Halls Greenhouses, Elite Greenhouses, Rion Greenhouses, and Access Greenhouses.


Gardeners can choose between wooden and aluminium frames, and there is a range of sizes to match requirements and space availablility.



































Growing your own fresh fruit and veg has never been so popular, and many people who have smaller gardens or backyards have still been keen to give it a go, and it is surprising what you can grow in small spaces. Our mini greenhouse range of various sizes enables gardeners to turn the tightest corner into a productive growing space.

We also sell cold frames.






































Greenhouse staging and benching makes more surface area within your greenhouse, which means more plants can be grown. Our aluminium staging is available with either aluminium trays or aluminium slats forming the surface of the staging. The staging is manufactured here in the UK at our warehouse.







































Greenhouse heaters help protect greenhouse plants from frost during the the colder months and help seeds germinate faster in Spring. we sell gas greenhouse heaters, electric greenhouse heaters and paraffin greenhouse heaters.










































Fruit and vegetable cages protect your crops from birds and butterflies. The cages we manufacture are made from rot free materials. The frames are made from Aluminium and there is a choice of netting, either strong ¾" mesh anti bird netting or 3/8" mesh anti butterfly netting. Also available is 6" mesh pigeon netting.






































Containers and raised beds are a great way to grow some fresh fruit and veg on patios, decking, balconies and rooftops. Potato planter bags, aluminium planters, wooden planters and even willow planters can all be found on our website.




































We also sell propagators, ventilation and irrigation equipment 


Visit our website to view our whole product catalogue and order online HERE

















































































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