Five Great Trees for a Small Garden

7th May 2017

The most exclusive suburbs of UK towns and cities all have something in common - they are full of mature trees and shrubs. Even Victorian streets with gardens that are not that big can have fully mature trees such as Beech or Oaks in them. Whilst you might not want a large tree in your garden, there is plenty of trees that are more compact and are fantastic for the small gardens of new build properties. A street where the gardens have trees and shrubs, looks so much nicer than a street where all the gardens have nothing higher than knee height in them. Here is 5 great trees for small gardens.

Flagpole Cherry Tree, Cherry 'Amanogawa'

Cherry trees are a popular tree for small and medium sized gardens, and Cherry 'Amanogawa' is a great variety, as it has a tall thin shape, and despite being able to grow up to 8 metres (26ft) when fully mature, it remains a compact column shape. Full of pink blossom in spring and the foliage turns red and orange in autumn. Easy and hassle free to maintain. A good choice for narrow gardens, as it is not bushy. 1 bare root plant £14.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'

This Japanese Acer tree is suitable for even the most compact gardens of new build properties, or Victorian terraces that have small gardens at the front. It can also be grown in a large planter that can be placed on patios and decking. The foliage is red purple in summer, and fiery red in autumn. It will grow to a maximum, mature height of 3 metres (about 10ft). 1 Acer tree in a 7cm pot £9.99 HERE

Italian Cypress, Cupressus sempervirens

The Italian Cypress tree conjures up images of the Tuscan countryside and formal Italian gardens. What makes it ideal for small gardens, is that it has a very thin habit, so will not get overly bushy, and block out loads of light. It is evergreen, so does not shed leaves, and remains green throughout the year. The tree is also drought tolerant, making it ideal for gardens that do not get a lot of rain, or for growing in a container. Height after 10 years: 3m. Ultimate height in UK conditions: 12m (width 1m). Supplied at a height of 70-90cm. £12.99 from Van Meuwen HERE

olive trees for sale

Olive Tree Standard

Despite being native to the Mediterranean region, Olive trees can grow fine in British gardens, and tolerate cold nights. They are a perfect ornamental tree for small gardens, as they are slow growing, and easy to maintain, as well as looking very attractive, with their silvery leaves, white blossom in spring and green fruits in summer. Over many decades they can reach a height of 10 metres, but due to being slow growing they are easy to prune and manage. This standard Olive tree can be grown in a planter on the patio or decking, or in a garden border. 1 tree in a 27cm pot £29.99 from Van Meuwen HERE

Rowan Tree / Mountain Ash

If you are looking for a small deciduous tree that is native to the British Isles, then a Rowan tree is a great option. This tree was considered sacred by ancient druids, and today is renowned for its masses of red berries, that attract birds to the garden. It will grow to a mature height of 10 to 15 metres. They are a lovely tree in autumn, with yellow - orange leaves. Likes moist, well drained soils. £7.95 for a tree 30 to 50cm tall, on Amazon HERE