Tree Quiz

Some leafy questions and answers, all about trees!


1. Araucaria araucana, an evergreen tree native to South America is more commonly known as what?

2. What type of native tree is often found in old British Churchyards?

3. What yellow flowering, small tree is poisonous?

4. Tannin in Oak trees was traditionally used for what purpose?

5. Japanese and Canadian are both types of which tree?

6. What type of tree from Australia is the world's tallest flowering plant?

7. Quercus suber is a tree connected with wine. Why?

8. What does the term deciduous mean?

9. The ( ) tree is native to the Mediterranean and is grown to produce oil.

10. What is the name of the famous tree in Sherwood Forest, legendary home of Robin Hood?


1. Monkey Puzzle Tree

2. Yew. It was considered sacred by Druids in the pre Christian era. Some ancient churches were built in areas once used for pagan worship. The tradition of planting Yews in churchyards continued through the ages. Yew wood was used for making Longbows, so most Yews were chopped down for their timber, but Yew trees in Churchyards were protected, so this is why so many of the ancient Yews can be found close to churches.

3. Laburnum. All parts of the tree are poisonous, although rarely fatal, it can cause severe vomiting, stomach upset, sleepiness etc.

4. Tanning leather.

5. Maple. The leaf of Acer saccharum is on the Canadian national flag. It is the main source of Maple Syrup. Acer palmatum is native to Japan. From this tree many different cultivars have been created, and they are popular as ornamental garden trees.

6.Eucalyptus. There are more than 700 different type of the tree. Ucalyptus regnans is the tallest flowering tree in the world, with an average mature height of 85 metres.

7. Also known as Cork Oak, it is used for making wine bottle corks. It is native to Southern Europe.

8. It means the tree will shed its leaves in autumn (fall / USA), aand grow new leaves the following spring.

9. Olive. Olea europaea has been grown for thousands of years to cultivate olives to use as cooking oil, to use in soap etc.

10. Major Oak. According to local folklore it was where Robin Hood and his Merry Men slept. It is estimated to be at least 800 years old.

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