Snowdrop Facts

13th December, 2016

Snowdrops are the first bulb to flower, when it is still winter. Blooming after Winter Solstice, when the nights are getting a few minutes lighter every night and after a few months of dreariness, darkness and flowers dying and the trees bare, they are a great sign that slowly, but surely Spring is coming and the woodlands and gardens will be full of colour and life again. Here are some facts about Snowdrops.

* The scientific name for Snowdrop is Galanthus.

* There are 20 different species of snowdrops that originate from Europe and Asia Minor.

* Galanthamine is a substance extracted from snowdrops that can be used to improve sleep. It is also sold as a medication for Alzheimer’s disease under the name of Reminyl.

* it is illegal to collect bulbs from the wild,

* They generally flower in February. In milder areas of Britain, and in mild winters, they can bloom in January.

* Due to lack of pollinating insects at the time of year when they flower, they are mostly sterile, and propagate by the bulbs splitting when dormant.