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 Why buy Plug Plants?


Plug Plants are an excellent, value for money way, to fill your garden with colour, designed to be “plugged” into the ground, they are a fantastic way to buy annuals. Bedding plants otherwise known as “annuals,” are plants that typically just last for one season before dying off and needing replacing. Value for money when buying bedding plants is therefore really important.


Some bedding plants, such as Impatiens, Begonia and Petunia are difficult to raise from seed. Germinating your own plants from seeds can be less reliable, because of the difficulties of controlling the temperature, moist levels and other factors our nursery has perfected to guarantee you quality plants. Therefore buying them as plug plants ensures that you will receive all the plants that you require, and you don’t risk the disappointment of failed germination.


Buying plug plants direct to your door is better value for money than buying larger plants. Although plug plants are more expensive than seeds, you are guaranteed the quantity you ordered. Plug plants come in a range of sizes to suit all gardeners’ needs. The smaller the plug plants are, the more plants you get for your money, but the more care you need to give them before planting out in your garden.


Don’t forget – growing your bedding plants from plugs is a fun and satisfying way to gardening! Not to mention fantastic value and Jersey Plants Direct offer FREE Delivery! You can bring gardening direct to your door!


Our plug plants are small plants, sometimes known as ‘miniplugs’ that require a little bit of care before you plant them in the garden. They need to be grown on in a green house until the risk of frost has passed. When they are ready they should be hardened off gradually before planting out to introduce them to outdoor conditions. Our plug plants are 4 to 8 cm from the root of the plant to the top of the stem, and come in trays of 100 plants + 60 FREE from only £9.99. This means each plant is less than 7p each! Our plug plants are available for delivery to you early in the season and are perfect if you require a lot of plants and have the time to grow them on yourself.


Our garden ready plants are known as ‘Standard’, ‘Speedplugs’, Easiplants’, ‘Starter Plants’, and ‘Plantlets’. They are 6 to 10cm high and are sold in trays of 50 plants + 20 FREE from only £9.99. This means each plant is less than 15p each!  


Take a look at this handy table which shows the difference between all of our plug plants





































Which plug bedding plant varieties should you choose?


Geraniums are fantastic long lasting and reliable bedding plants producing large flowers that will brighten up any garden throughout the summer. You won’t find better value for money Geraniums than our Geraniums. This year we have introduced our favourite Geraniums as ‘plug plants’ – giving you, your favourite Geranium plug plants from only 7p a plant. This is an industry first! We are not aware of anyone else offering such great value Geraniums. Trailing Geraniums are also available as plug plants and are ideal for hanging baskets.


Begonias are great for borders, containers, pots and hanging baskets. You can enjoy five months of colour with these brilliant weather tolerant Begonias. Choose a trailing Begonia for fantastic colour in your hanging baskets or the profuse double flowering Begonia Destiny for strong upright plants for your pots.


Impatiens also known as busy Lizzies are well known for their delicate, yet dependable blooms. Choose from Trailing or Double Flowering Impatiens, these are available as plug plants from only £9.99!


Petunias offer long lasting blooms and bright colours. Double flowering Petunias or Trailing Petunias will look amazing in any garden.


Lobelias are  great for planting along the edge of garden borders and paths to break up harsh lines. Also great in tubs and window boxes. We also offer a unique trailing Lobelia plants, brilliant for creating colourful summer hanging baskets.


Fuchsias - Beautiful in garden borders, baskets, window boxes and containers. A variety of colours with their distinct tubular flowerheads.
























Gazania - These bedding plants are not subtle at all with their firey colour pallete and striking appearance. There is something quite tropical about theme.

























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