Save Water By Installing a Rainwater Butt

100 Litre Compact Water Butt

This water butt is perfect for small gardens and narrow side paths, where space is limited. A stand is included, and a kit for attaching it to the drainpipe (not suitable for metal pipes). It can store enough water to keep hanging baskets etc well watered. Also, a double kit can be ordered, doubling the capacity to 200 litres. This includes a connector, to both water butts can be filled from one drainpipe. The clever design prevents the water butts from overflowing if full.

100 litre £39 includes UK delivery. Order HERE

100 litre x 2 double kit, includes UK delivery. Order HERE

Most new properties have water meters, which means using a water butt to collect rainwater to water your garden, stops the meter rising and keeps bills lower!

190 litre Water Butt Kit

The 190 litre water butt is very popular with people that have average sized gardens. Like the 100 litre, it comes with a stand, and is easy to set up. It can also be bought as a double kit, so 380 litres can be collected!

190 litre, £43

190 litre double kit, £65

Both options can be ordered HERE

Large 350 litre Water Butt

A fantastic option for large gardens, this 350 litre can hold a load of water collected from your house roof. All set to use, simply fit the connector pipe to a drainpipe (not suitable for metal pipes). £72 Order HERE

Did you know?

London receives less rainfall than Rome, New York, Brisbane, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo.

Lee Wick Farm, St. Osyth (Essex), near Clacton, averages just 513 mm of rain per year, making it one of the driest places in Great Britain.

OFWAT has calculated the average person in the UK uses 153 litres of water per day.

70% of the planet is covered by water, but only 1% of this is freshwater suitable for human consumption.