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Pergolas, are traditional wooden garden structures, popular in the Mediterranean to provide a setting for outdoor dining.


Perfect Pergolas are a UK company that specialises in Pergolas, and provides home owners with pergolas perfect for their gardens.


In most cases planning is not required to install a pergola (local conditions may apply) in your garden, and they can be a great focal point and help transform a patio or decking area.


"It is clear that Perfect Pergolas are passionate about their product and use only the best quality wood from sustainable sources."

Karen Scott – Thistle Design




































They can help give some extra privacy in gardens that have overlooking windows, they can add to the appeal of your house if at some point you are moving and selling the property and offer a place of relaxation, when outside.


Perfect Pergolas recognises that all gardens are different and offer a service where customers can choose the type of wood, size of pergola and extra fittings if required.


Also available are Pergola modules measuring 9ft x 9ft. These have everything you need to make a pergola. They can also be attached together so you can make a longer pergola that stretches further along the outside of your house. 9ft x 16ft and

9ft x 23ft. All sizes have FREE delivery. To view prices vist the page here

































Pergola's are even more attractive if you plant climbing plants up the sides, which eventually spread across the timber on the top of the pergola. Not only do they look beautiful, when you are sitting out on a warm summers night, the air can be filled with lovely aromas. Ideal climbing plants for pergolas are Clematis, Wisteria, Honey Suckle, Passion Flowers, Jasmine, Climbing Roses and Grape Vines.






























To find out more about ordering a pergola for your garden please visit or call now on 0844 8004703 to discuss your requirements.


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