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Keder Greenhouse design and manufacture high specification greenhouses for any scale project, from the smallest gardens requiring a 2 x 2 metre cold frame to large mulitispan structures for commercial growers, using a unique material, making them distinct from glass greenhouses and traditional polytunnels.



Keder greenhouses are clad using the unique Bubble Keder Polydress, 9 layer laminate plastic system, which is safer, lower maintenance and more cost effective than traditional glass, while it is also far stronger and more durable than standard garden polytunnels.


All our Keder Cladding is supplied with a 10-year guarantee against ultraviolet degradation.


Keder greenhouses are modular so can be expanded either by width or length as your growing needs alter.


Our Domestic range caters for virtually every size garden. Many customers order the 2 metre and 3 metre Kederhouses in DIY Kit form, following the detailed assembly manual and DVD with great success.






























Keder Greenhouses are ideal for extreme and exposed conditions. They can withstand strong winds, sea salt, snow drifts several feet deep and make best use of available light. They are popular with gardeners located on islands, at high altitudes and unsheltered locations.


Frames are made from ZN35 high tensile structural steel, weld repaired tubing, (weld repair being of molten Zinc) 31.77mm diameter. Which is pre galvanised inside and out, to provide a corrosion free structure for many years.


A rear vent for ventilation is standard on our greenhouses, and additional roof ventilation can be added to your structure if you wish.



Here are a few example of Keder Greenhouses in customer's gardens.



3 metre x 4 metre frame greenhouse with roof ventilation.



















































3 metre x 8 metre A frame greenhouse.


























































4 metre x 6 metre straight sided greenhouse.





























































If you have any questions about Keder Greenhouse, would like a price quote or a free sample of the material we use to clad the greenhouses you can send a message by simply filling in the contact form below.





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