Growing Carrots in Containers



28th Feb 2015








































Growing carrots in containers is a great way of growing fresh food cheaply in limited space. It is perfect for paved outdoor spaces where a vegetable garden is not possible. I


An ideal container is one with a decent depth to it, so this gives the carrots room to grow. For example an old chimney pot, a large water container, an old metal bin etc. Ensure it has some drainage, and good compost and then it really is just a case of following the instructions on the back of the carrots seeds pack.












Carrots seeds are very small and you usually get well hundreds, sometimes a few thousand in a pack. Sow the seeds between March and June.


In fact even if you just have window boxes you can still grow carrots in containers, as Thompson & Morgan sell a type of carrot, Parmex, that grow like small beetroots rather than traditional long carrots. And why stop at just growing orange carrots, there is also varieties that are red, yellow and purple!


Carrot leaves are quite attractive, as they are light and feathery, so make for nice foliage if they are planted amongst other plants.


A good idea is to plant 'companion plants' in the container with the carrots. Carrot fly is the main pest that can ruin carrots and strongly scented plants, such as mint, spring onions and leaks  will deter them from coming near the container.


Containers require regular watering in the summer months as they dry out quicker than the ground soil. logo growing carrots in containers