Below is a free garden quiz sample from the book. 30 garden questions with answers, on a wide variety of topics.Why not print off a copy to do the garden quiz in the allotment shed with a cuppa, or perhaps at a garden club party or flower show bbq. Buy the book for the full challenge!
































1. Name the evergreen hedge that has created many

a neighbourly dispute?


2. The Monkey Puzzle tree originates from which



3. What herb is regularly mentioned along with



4. The RHS holds a flower show at Tatton Park,

which is in what County?


5. Name the popular type of goldfish found in

ornamental garden ponds.


6. What plant is used in the treatment of Leukemia?


7. Soil can be Acidic, Alkaline or......?


8. Is a blue tulip fact or fiction?


9. What can be placed over Rhubarb to make it

longer and more delicate?


10. What colour rose is associated with



11. What yellow flowering tree is poisonous?


12. What is the name for sculpting hedges?


13. What bulb plant could be described as having a

facial hair problem?


14. Butterflies - Red Admiral, ........ White?


15. Name the organic gardener with flower in his



16. What special attribute makes Lavender ideal for

dry conditions?


17. What county did Capability Brown, the famous

landscape designer originate from?


18. I am a woody stemmed plant, usually branched

near the base and lacking a single trunk....what am



19. What is a whip?


20. A Hybrid Tea is a type of what plant?


21. Where do Pelargoniums originate from?


22. What type of plants can be found in a rock



23. Rhizomes are a type of what plant?


24. What herb beginning with ‘A’ has soothing



25. A dibber is useful for what?


26. Cacti are often refered to as what?


27. Kale, Cauliflowers, Brussel Sprouts are all what

type of vegetable?


28. A beer trap can help control what type of pest?


29. A cloche can help protect plants from what?


30. Shepherds Purse is a type of what?

















1. Leylandi

2. Chile

3. Thyme

4. Cheshire

5. Koi

6. Vinca, a strain of the Perrywinkle

7. Neutral

8. Fiction

9. A Rhubarb Forcer

10. Red

11. Laburnum

12. Topiary

13. The Bearded Iris

14. Cabbage

15. Bob Flowerdew

16. Small leaves

17. Northumberland

18. A shrub

19. A young seedling or grafted tree without branches.

20. Rose

21. South Africa

22. Alpines

23. Bulbous

24. Aloe Vera

25. Planting seeds

26. Succulents

27. Western Brassicas

28. Slugs and snails

29. Frost

30. Weed logo

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Here are the 10 answers.


1. Lavender

2. Rooks are gregarious whereas crows tend to be solitary.

3. Leylandi

4. Chile

5. Red rose

6. Laburnum

7. Bearded Iris

8. 33%

9. To prevent Grey Mould, a fungal disease, from transferring from the soil to the fruits.

10. Tendrils