The Egg and Chips Plant



20th June 2016




The team at Thompson & Morgan, famous for their horticultural innovations and creativity, dating back to the Victorian era, have recently introduced a fascinating plant, that combines an Aubergine and Potato plant. (No this is not an April Fools story!) This follows on from their 'Tomtato' plant, that combines a tomato and potato plant. This means that just one plant grows both Aubergines (Egg Plants) on its stems, and potatoes are produced in the roots.


It is ideal for growing in a planter on decking or a patio, or in your vegetable garden. In the video below, T&M Product Development Manager, Michael Perry explains more about the plant.


The Egg and Chips plant is £14.99, with a special offer of 2 for just £1 extra, at £15.99. They can be ordered from Thompson & Morgan HERE