Five Great Plants for a Cottage Garden

5th April 2017

english lavender

Lavender 'Munstead'

A much loved English Lavender, ideal for cottage garden borders, and containers. Very drought tolerant and easy to care for. The plant has a gorgeous scent and a good pollinator for bees. Very low maintenance, this hardy, low growing shrub will thicken as the years go by. Fantastic planted in long lines down the sides of garden paths or lawn edges. 6 plug plants £5.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

white Foxglove

Foxglove 'Dalmation White'

Foxgloves are a popular cottage garden plant, due to their colourful columns of flowers, that give some height to borders. There is a growing number of Foxglove, or Digitalis, varities to choose from. 'Dalmation White' have white trumpet flowers, with spotted throats. Height 50cm / 20 inches. 1 litre pot Foxglove plant £9.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

Scented Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea 'High Scent'

As the name suggests, this variety of Sweet Pea is highly scented. Sweet Peas are a fantastic way to add colour to a drab fence or wall. They can be grown up trellis, or in obelisk planters. They can also be grown up pea canes, or left to grow up the sides of hedges and other shrubs. 'High Scent' has cream coloured petals with soft lilac edges. Sweet Peas are annuals, and are easy to grow from seed. Pack of 25 Sweet Pea 'High Scent' £2.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

floribunda rose

Rose 'Queen Elizabeth'

One of the essential plants for a cottage garden, the Rose provides beautiful blooms all through the summer. Rose 'Queen Elizabeth' was created in the 1950s to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Ever since, it has been a best selling rose, that has been cherished by countless gardeners. This Floribunda rose has large pink flowers on long stems, and is disease resistant. £12.99 for a bare root rose plant from Thompson & Morgan HERE

canterbury bells

Campanula Medium (Canterbury Bells)

Campanulas are hardy biennials. Biennials are plants which have a two-year life cycle. During the first year, they grow only the roots, stems and leaves, and then in the second year they flower, produce seeds and die. Campanula Medium produces a mass of bell shaped flowers, in a range of pastel blue, pink and white Height 90-120cm (3-4ft). 850 seeds from Thompson & Morgan £2.29. HERE