Clematis - A Garden Climber

12th July 2008


Clematis are a range of gorgeous climbing plants that look beautiful climbing up walls, trellis etc whether it be in your back garden or entrance porch to your house. There is a wide selection of types, all with different colours, petal shapes and flowering times. Some will flower in the spring, some mid summer and others not until late summer/ early autumn. Choosing your plant types wisely can mean your garden has Clematis in flower for a large part of the year!







































Clematis like cool roots, so shade at the base can be a good idea and they thrive best in moist well drained soil, covering the surface at the base with gravel or pebbles can help achieve this. When planting, give them a good soaking with water beforehand. In hot periods water the plant on a regular basis and feed with fertiliser. Tie new growth to help support the plant and to help train it to cover the maximum area possible.






















































































Clematis can be affected by Slugs and Snails, so a few beer traps will provide a cheap organic way of controlling them. Aphids can sometimes appear on the plant, remove the affected area and spray with a light insecticide if absolutely neccesary. Clematis Wilt can affect the top of Clematis, especially the larger varieties. It is advised that you remove the branches and dispose of them well away from the plant. Powdery Mildew, a light white dust can also affect Clematis, this can be cured with a pesticide if the problem becomes out of hand.














































From Seed

Clematis can be grown from seed if you are looking to save money. Plant the seeds in a good quality compost mixed with a bit of grit to help drainage. Germination can vary, but once shoots appear and are established, re-pot to bigger pots allowing more room for good root growth. Once the plants are of a decent size, place the pots in a sheltered spot outside away from direct sunlight to help them becom acclimatised to the outdoors.



There is a very large number of Clematis, suitable for all types of garden from brash and tropical, to elegant in subtle palattes. Here a just a few to whet your appetite.


Princess Diana - Long pink flowers, reaching a height of 8ft tall. Flowers from June to September. Thrives in a semi shaded position.


Tibetan Mix - An unusual cultivar with rounded drooping flowers in a subtle greeny yellow/beige speckled with maroon purples. A subtle plant

that flowers late in the year.


White Lady - Strong pointed white petals, with a yellowish centre. Flowers in Spring with a coverage of about 8 to 10 ft


National Collections of Clematis


RJ Evison

Domarie Vineries

Les Sauvagées

St Sampson

Guernsey, GY2 4FD

Tel:  01481 245942  


Opening times: By appointment only


M Oviatt-Ham

Ely House

Green Street


Cambridgeshire, CB4 5JA

Tel:  01954 261654  


Opening times: By appointment only


M Brown

Clematis Corner

15 Plough Close



Oxfordshire, OX10 7EX

Tel:  01865 858721  

Opening times: By appointment only


Burford House Gardens,

Burford House,

Tenbury Wells,

Worcestershire, WR15 8HQ

Tel:  01584 810777


Opening times: See website for details


K Treadaway




Pembrokeshire, SA70 8SA

 01646 651405  

Opening times: By appointment only


V Le May Neville-Parry

By The Way

Lodge Drove



Wiltshire, SP5 2NH

Tel:  01725 511931  


Opening times: By appointment only


R Hodson

The Hawthornes

Marsh Road

Hesketh Bank

Nr Preston

Lancashire, PR4 6XT

Tel:  01772 812379  


Opening times: By appointment only


Longstock Park Gardens




SO20 6EH

Tel:  01264 810894  


Opening times: See website for details


C R Pridham

Roseland House



Cornwall, TR4 8QB

Tel:  01872 560451  


Opening times: See website for details


Find out more:

The British Clematis Society

International Clematis society

3 Cuthberts Close,

Waltham Cross,

Hertfordshire, EN7 5RB





















































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