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Bark Mulch for Garden Borders and Safe Play for Children.


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Rolawn is one of the UK's leading soil and turf suppliers. We supply lawn turf and related products such as bark, topdressing etc to homes and businesses across the UK. Our bark mulch products are ideal for attractive garden borders and creating safe play areas for children.


Our bark chippings range have been developed for three main uses. Garden borders, landscaping and childrens play areas. The benefits of using bark chippings in play areas is obvious, a soft landing for children who fall over whilst playing. As well as looking attractive, bark mulch has a number of useful benefits in the garden.


* Inhibits weed development, reducing ongoing maintenance

* Improve moisture retention, reducing the need for irrigation

* Acts as an insulation for plant roots, reducing plant loss in cold weather.

* Protects soil from wind erosion


Our Bark Mulch Range


To find out more info about each type of bark click on the bark range that you are interested in.


Decorative Garden Bark

Rolawn Decorative Bark is a quality, durable, golden brown deluxe ornamental pine bark. Its attractive appearance and shape make it ideal bark mulch for beds and borders.


Landscape Bark

Rolawn Landscaping Bark is a mid-dark brown, multi-purpose grade bark derived from forestry woodchip. It is a natural product and will enhance the appearance of landscaping projects.






























Playground Bark Chippings

Rolawn Play Grade Bark is a quality, reddish brown, pine bark, which is ideal for use in children's play areas. It is tested to BSEN1177:1998 regarding impact absorption.

































Find a Rolawn Bark Stockist

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Tel. 0845 604 6050

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