The Blackcap, is sometimes called the 'Northern Nightingale'. Here is a video of one singing, and some facts about this beautiful bird.

Blackcap Facts

* The main breeding habitat for Blackcaps is mature deciduous woodland.

* Eggs take about 12 days to hatch and both parents take turns to incubate the eggs. Once hatched, the chicks take another 12 days, approximately, to fledge.

* They eat both insects and fruit. They tend to eat insects earlier in the year, for protein, then fruit later in the year to gain energy for winter migration.

* They are resident in England, but only can be found in north and west Scotland during the summer months.

* Many Blackcaps are migratory and fly south to the Mediterranean and Africa for winter, although some are to be found in Britain during winter, using bird feeders in gardens as a food resource. These are thought to migrate from Central Europe, where winters are harsher.

* Average length; 13 cm, wingspan 22cm.

* Male Blackcaps have distinctive black plummage on their heads, hence the name. Female Blackcaps have light brown caps.