Great Garden Gnomes for Your Garden

Smart Solar Gnome Spotlights 4 pack - Multicoloured

This 4 pack of garden gnomes blend traditional design with new technology. They are solar powered with integrated mini solar panels to charge the light battery and 1 LED light per gnome. They turn on automatically in the evening, as it gets dark. £18.99 with free delivery, on Amazon HERE

3 Multi-Coloured Solar Powered Outdoor Garden Novelty Gnome Lights

Like the four gnomes above, these gnomes light up at night, using solar power. The difference being, is that these three have the LED lights inside their hats, which look great! £15 on Amazon HERE

Woodland Wilf Range

Woodland Wilf is the action man of the garden gnome world. He is available in a range of designs, like the one above, where he is enjoying some dirt biking on his motorbike. Most of the figures are about £15 on Amazon HERE.

Design Toscano Shovel Gnome with Flowers Statue

Design Toscano creates classic gnomes, that are more traditional in design, like this fine looking fellow. £16.99 on Amazon HERE