Bearded Iris






Bearded Iris are a beautiful early summer bulb that has exotic looking flowers on sturdy stems, 75cm-110cm (30in-43in) high.


























































































Credit: N Pringle


They come in a range of colours, such as blues, purples, yellows and peaches. However, there is no true red Bearded Iris. Some are single coloured, whilst others are double coloured. They are suitable for borders in both cottage gardens and more contemporary garden styles.


* They do best in full sun in well drained soil.

* Do not plant them to deeply. They should barely be covered with soil, with the tops of the rhizomes visible.

* Plant them about 30cm apart with some space to grow away from other plants in the border.

* Bearded Irises like neutral, alkaline or chalky soils. If the soil is clay, consider growing them in raised beds instead.

*Deadhead flowers once they are past their best and remove dead leaves.

* Every 3 or 4 years divide the Bearded Iris rhizome bulbs. Remove the oldest ones and replant the new bulbs that have grown.




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