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Looking for Allotments for sale? Live the good life with your own privately owned vegetable garden, that will provide you with an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables



























Buy an allotment style vegetable garden land and grow your own Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs.


The original concept was to use land adjacent to a Manor to grow produce as a kitchen garden. During the Second World War this was revived when every available small bit of land was turned into an allotment, where it was not too large for one person to cultivate a constant crop of fruit and vegetables for all year round with possibly additional herbs and flowers.

Indeed, when the owner of Gladwish Land Sales Ltd started selling land it was sold to people who found that allotments in big towns had long waiting lists and could only be rented, whereas the way Victor Gladwish sold land it meant that the land was bought Freehold from him and local people travelled up to 7 miles to their plot and some from about 50 miles away.


In more recent times the growth of interest in both organic food and in having an allotment has grown and has been greatly influenced by the current financial havoc and people worried about their jobs, and so it makes sense to buy land to grow their own. Allotments are traditionally rented from a local council but as demand has soared, more people are looking for allotments for sale. Meadowland Money, part of Gladwish sells smalls plots of land that are based on the concept of allotments but the main difference being that you own your plot and you can sell it on in the future if you want.


Looking on the web www.allotment.org.uk on the 8th October 2008 there is a paragraph that explains “Allotments are a great hobby. They’re cheap, you get healthy exercise without having to pay for a gym or run around in circles and you get to eat healthy fruit and vegetables without all those (not so) yummy pesticides”.


The origin of the Plot Owners Associations http://www.londonlandsales.com/plot_owners.html

was indeed to share the costs of putting water on a site and sharing the costs of running water on certain plots or even all the plots. Advancing into helping each other in more ways Plot Owners  formed meetings where they could exchange produce with each other or to be able to approach the Council as a united voice to request permission on something when needed.


Gladwish Land Sales Ltd always strive to sell more land at affordable prices and have found that the plots we sell that measure 6 metres by 14 metres are too large for one person to cultivate, but having already got Rights of Ways to every plot Gladwish Land Sales Ltd can now consider that (where possible) we split plots down to a minimum 4 metre width (so that a car can reverse onto the plot).


Vegetable allotment gardens can be very addictive, being a place the family can enjoy together and of course extremely rewarding. Whether you are growing vegetable, flowers, herbs or starting an orchard. The land will reward you with hours of pleasure, crops to your table and plenty of fresh air. There are numerous website's where you can obtain novels of information about crops, seeds, composting, tools and general information about growing plants, fruit trees or wildlife havens.


We have land for sale from 50 square metres (0.012 of an acre) to over 2020 square metres (0.5 acre). If at some stage you decide that you want to hang up your spade you can sell the land. Land has continually increased in value and you could make a tidy profit.


Allotments for sale, available throughout the country.



























































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