Five Great Spring Bulbs for Gardens

19th September 2017

Autumn is the time to be planting Spring bulbs, if you want a burst of garden colour after the long dark days of winter. Here are five great spring bulbs that look great in garden borders, window boxes, pots and planters.


Narcissus Citrus Sorbet

A mix of the latest varieties of Daffodils. Everything from big, carnation-flowered doubles to pretty pink-petalled varieties.25 bulbs £14.99 from Thompson & Morgan HERE

Tulip Carnival de Nice

This striking tulip blooms in late spring when other spring bulbs are dying off. The variagated petals are a mix of cream and deep crimson. 16 bulbs from Thompson & Morgan £9.99 HERE

Tulip Double Sugar

This variety of tulip has flowers that resemble Peonies, rather than the classic shape of standard tulips. The petals are powder pink and this tulip looks great planted amongst white flowering plants. 5 tulip bulbs from Thompson and Morgan £12.99 HERE

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Ipheon Mixed

Ipheon are native to South America and produce star shaped flowers in spring. Ipheon Mixed bloom in pastel blues, pinks and whites, and look great planted at the edges of garden borders, or in window boxes. The flowers last for most of spring. 25 bulbs just £3.99 from Van Meuwen HERE

Hyacinth Louvre

Hyacinths are renowned for their pleasant scent, and fragrant Hyacinth Louvre are perfect for patio planters and window boxes. Pure white, they can be planted alongside coloured tulips or other white flowering bulbs, such as snowdrops. This variety of Hyacinth will flower at the end of winter, beginning of spring. £6.49 for 3 bulbs with free delivery from Dutch Bulbs on Amazon HERE